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Merton Can

Merton Can

Let’s make 2020 the year that we are more active, together!

See how many activities you can tick off during 2020.

Try 20 in 2020

Try 20 in 2020

Our downloadable sheets list a range of opportunities to be more active, including active travel, sport and fun activities and games. There are three resources with ideas for adults, babies and toddlers and children and young people. Why not download them all and get all the family involved.

You can also view the lists of activities below.

Don't forget to share your photos on social media using the hashtag #MertonCan and if you think of other ways of being active, let us know!

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​Adults​Children and young people​Babies and Toddlers
  1. ​Go for a bike ride along the Wandle Trail
  2. Take an early morning swim at a Merton leisure centre
  3. Walk in the Rose Garden at Morden Hall Park
  4. Use the outdoor gym at your local park
  5. Get inspired watching AFC Wimbledon
  6. Experience and feel the rhythm in dance aerobics at a Merton leisure centre
  7. Join Walk4Life walk at Wimbledon Common, Mitcham Common, Morden Hall Park, John Innes Park and Recreation Ground
  8. Grab some "me time" at a Relaxing Yoga for Everyone session at Vestry Hall
  9. Follow the Wimbledon Way walking route
  10. Download the Couch to 5k app
  11. Download the Active 10 app and track your progress
  12. Join in the Morden Running Group on Wednesday evenings
  13. Explore what activities Wimbledon Guild and Age UK have to offer
  14. Set a time for a 5k Parkrun
  15. Get off the bus one stop early and walk the remainder of the journey
  16. Walk the Merton Mile at Figges Marsh with friends
  17. Walk or cycle for 1 week instead of using the car
  18. Join a gardening club or volunteer with Sustainable Merton
  19. Walk twice around the outfield at Mitcham Cricket Club, opposite Vestry Hall
  20. Your favourite activity!
  1. ​Learn to ride a bike with cycle training
  2. Go for a swim during family time at a Merton leisure centre
  3. Use a kayak at Wimbledon Watersports Centre
  4. Walk, cycle or scoot on the school run
  5. Try a new playground in Merton - there are over 35 to test out!
  6. Get inspired by watching AFC Wimbledon
  7. See how many skips you can do without stopping!
  8. Play hopscotch
  9. Fly a kite in one of the parks. Top tip: Morden Park has a gentle hill to run down!
  10. Register to get updates on fun games with Change 4 Life
  11. Use the outdoor gym at your local park (young people)
  12. Join your parent or carer at a Parkrun 5K event (over 4's only)
  13. Explore Cannizaro Park and feed the ducks (leftover peas, sweetcorn or lettuce are great. Leave the bread at home)
  14. Join Beavers, Cubs or Scouts
  15. Get your heart pumping and try an active fitness class at Wimbledon Leisure Centre
  16. Play a round of crazy golf at Wimbledon Park
  17. Play outdoor table tennis in a Merton Park
  18. Go on a family adventure walk through the woods and take notice of the seasonal changes
  19. Find your way around Merton using a map
  20. Your favourite activity!
  1. Go for a swim during family time at a Merton leisure centre
  2. Explore a new playground in Merton – there are over 35 to test out!
  3. Go outside and play in the mud
  4. Teach your toddler how to play catch
  5. Visit a local playgroup
  6. Play Pooh sticks in the river Wandle
  7. Go outside and make friends with a friendly insect
  8. Attend the Early Learning Together Baby programme, for first time parents, at your local children's centre
  9. Fly a kite in one of the parks. Top tip: Wimbledon Common can be windy!
  10. Spot a fish somewhere along the river Wandle
  11. Take your toddler on a nature adventure through the woods and take notice of the seasonal changes
  12. Go paddling in a splash parks in the summer
  13. Pop on your wellies and splash in some muddy puddles with your toddler
  14. Encourage your toddler to hop on one leg
  15. Help your toddler climb a small tree stump
  16. Play games of pushing and pulling toys with your baby
  17. Let your toddler walk with you rather than using the buggy
  18. Let your toddler help unpack the shopping or sort the washing
  19. Sing and dance to a new song with your toddler
  20. Your child's favourite


About #MertonCan

#MertonCan is a campaign to encourage everyone in Merton to be more physically active. It will promote the benefits of moving more and sitting less and will encourage every day activity, promote our great services and community assets e.g. the parks and open spaces that we have in Merton.

Led by Merton Council, #MertonCan is working with a lot of local organisations and services and would encourage anyone who would like to promote sport and physical activity to get involved in the campaign.

What #MertonCan is trying to achieve

We want everyone in Merton to understand and realise the benefits associated with leading an active lifestyle, which includes better mental health and physical health but we also want to promote the social benefits of being physically active by connecting people; through joining regular walking group, joining a sports club or playing in the park. Being physically active is also fun and can help us meet new friends and have new experiences.

We know that 67.2% of Merton's population are active enough to benefit their health (so these people are meeting the recommendations) but that means that there are still 39,100 people in Merton that aren't and are therefore physically inactive (Active Lives Survey 18/19, Sport England).  Being active has benefits for everyone, young or old, it's never too early or late to start getting the benefits of an active lifestyle. There is an activity out there for everyone; and #MertonCan will help you find it.

How #MertonCan will do this

#MertonCan will promote a range of opportunities to be active across in Merton, it will focus on a key theme or area and will change on a regular basis.

We also want to get local people to inspire others and celebrate what is going on in Merton by sharing any photos of yourself, your friends or family being active in Merton. Either share on social media using the #MertonCan or send them to and we will share them for you.