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We provide Community Champions with the latest community and health information via email and text message, and at bi-monthly virtual drop-in meetings. They then share this information with their colleagues, family, friends, and communities.

The drop-in meetings take place every other Wednesday 12pm - 1pm and 7pm - 8pm and give Community Champions a chance to feedback what they are hearing in the community, ask any questions and share their ideas for future engagement.

Anyone who lives or works in Merton can become a Community Champion.

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For more information on the Community Champion programme, email Public.Health@merton.gov.uk

Meet Marcella


I am a Community Champion because I want to play my part in protecting friends and family, as well as clients and colleagues, and so help to keep Merton safe.

The information we are provided as champions enables me to share reliable and up to date facts and figures about COVID-19 within my private and professional networks and making sense about the latest rules and regulations.

This initiative offers a great platform to share experiences, get information about services in the borough, be listened to regarding possible concerns, and to get questions answered by our colleagues from Public Health.

Join the Merton Community Champions to support your loved ones and the wider community and so to be a part of the solution to stop the COVID crisis.

Marcella Meloni, Mental Health Carers Advisor at Carers Support Merton/ Founder and Managing Director at AVANTI Mental Well-Being CIC.

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