How to appeal against Merton Council's decision not to grant a place for a child at the community school of your choice.

This information relates to Merton community schools only. If you wish to appeal for a place at a voluntary aided (faith) school, free school, academy, or a school in another borough, you will need to contact the school directly for more information on their appeals process.

Appeals timetable 2024

Type of SchoolOffer dateDeadline for appeal submission
(20 days after National Offer Day)
Deadline for appeal hearing
(40 school days after Appeal Submission Deadline)
Secondary1 March 202415 April 202418 June 2024
Reception16 April 202415 May 202417 July 2024

Appeal forms

Please read the following before submitting an appeal:

  • An appeal is for the school you wish to receive an offer for. You are appealing the decision not to offer a place, you are not appealing against the school you have been offered a place at.
  • This appeal form is for Merton community and voluntary controlled schools only. If you wish to appeal for any other school, you will need to contact them for further information on their appeals process. If the school does not appear in the drop down list, you cannot appeal through Merton and must contact the school direct. 
  • Please do not use this form unless you have received the outcome of an application - if you have not yet made an application, please refer to the main School Admissions pages of this website for further information.
  • You cannot use the appeal form to add additional preferences, change address, or reject the school you have been offered - please email do this.

School admission appeal form

If you are unable to do this online, please contact School Admissions for a paper form.

Supporting documents

If there is any evidence or supporting documents that you would like considered with your appeal, please can you either scan and email to or post copies to School Admissions. Please note that documents received less than five days before the appeal or produced on the day of the appeal, may not be considered or may cause the appeal to be rescheduled so that the evidence can be fully understood.

Frequently asked questions

Read the frequently asked questions about appeals


Appeal Information Leaflet

Advice from other organisations

The Department for Education also offer advice regarding appeals on school admission pages of their website

The Coram Children’s Legal Centre offers free legal advice on family, child and education law including advice on school admission appeals and exclusions. The service provides online access to legal factsheets, a virtual assistant to help you find relevant guidance, web-chat advice with a legally trained advisor (9am to 6pm Monday to Friday), and telephone advice (8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday). You can phone for free on 08088 020 008.