I certify that:

  • I wish to make an application to the schools I have listed, which I have ranked in my order of preference
  • I am the person with the parental responsibility for the child named in the application.
  • The information I have given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief
  • I will notify the London Borough of Merton School Admissions team of any changes to the application details as soon as they occur.
  • I have read the information regarding the use of addresses shown on Merton’s website at merton.gov.uk/admissions.

I understand that:

  • Any false or deliberately misleading or withheld information may render this application invalid and could lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a primary school place for my child, and may lead to legal proceedings against me
  • The details of my application and outcome may be shared for health, safeguarding and appeals reasons.
  • The child's address must be that of the child's permanent residence.
    You may not give the address of a relative or carer unless they have legal custody of the child. If parents are separated and share custody of the child, the address given should be that of the parent with whom the child spends most of the school week, which will normally be the address of the parent to whom Child Benefit is payable. If the parent making the application lives at a different address to the child, a letter of explanation should be provided. An application can only be made from a single address, and only a single application can be made for each child. It is not acceptable for a family to use a temporary address, rented or otherwise, to secure a place of their preference 

Please note:

  • Applicants in short term rented accommodation may be asked to provide evidence of their current and former housing arrangements.
  • Where an applicant has ownership of a property, that should be used for the purposes of school admission, and the applicant must provide evidence and reasons for the use of any other address.
  • Where an applicant rents a property and has ownership of an alternative property, the rented property will only be used for admission purposes if the child has been resident away from the owned property for a period of 3 years or more at the closing date for applications.
  • Any applicant who moves from a rented or temporary address in advance of their child taking up their school place may have their place withdrawn if it is found the family have returned to an address already in their ownership.
  • The authority will investigate whether the place should be withdrawn if the pupil is not resident at the application address at the time of the September entry point.
  • The authority will always investigate a case where the application address has previously been used to gain a school place fraudulently.
  • Where it is found an address has been used for the purposes of admission where the child is not ordinarily resident, the application and any place offered will be withdrawn.
  • An offer found to have been gained fraudulently will be withdrawn. This may also be the case where the child has started the school.
  • In some cases, places may not be withdrawn once a child has been attending the school for a term or more. In these circumstances future sibling applications will not be given sibling priority for places and will be considered under the next appropriate criterion.

I understand that:

Merton Council officers will check my address against their records and reserve the right to seek evidence from parents, Council records, primary schools or any other source deemed appropriate. They may also make a home visit and refer cases to the borough's investigation officers.

  • Merton Council may ask other agencies, organisations, local authorities or government departments for information they have about me to:
    •  make sure the information in this application is accurate
    • prevent and detect crime
    • protect public funds

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