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Adult learning case studies

Feedback from our learners

"I have really enjoyed this course. The techniques taught have given me the tools to develop and grow in confidence. The online learning was easy to access and use. The tutor was warm and welcoming and a variety of activities were used to make it really accessible. In particular I am using the kind self-talk, the power poses, positive affirmations, fake it till you make it / become it and body language focus which made the most impact for me. I have been using some of these techniques on a daily basis and I'm already starting to feel a difference! In the future I will also try some mindful thinking / meditation, watching some more of the inspiring videos we were introduced to and further interview practice with family / friends". Helen – Career Confidence - March 2021

"It has helped me to highlight key areas that I needed to focus on such as highlighting key words in the job description to form the supporting statement. It has provided ideas and examples that I can use very effectively. I have received guidance and confirmation of the right direction of writing a good quality supporting statement. I also received career advice after doing the NCS skills assessment. I feel more confident, as I realised my abilities. I also felt the encouragement and identification of my skills helped me to pursue the application forms. I enjoyed the course as I got a good education out of it and found it really useful. Also the people on the course and yourself helped make me mentally feel better as looking for work is challenging. Also as a friendly and helpful trainer you encouraged me and I received professional advice. I got a job out of it and it guided me in the right direction, the preparation and the answers I gave supported me to get a job offer. I also achieved what I was looking for such as being able to tailor my CV and the personal statement which is the most challenging for me". Davina - Career Confidence - March 2021

"It has definitely improved my creativity, has given me something to focus on, particularly during lockdown and it has incidentally resulted in encouraging my 85-year-old mum taking up embroidery too". Gillian - Creative Embroidery - March 2021

"Adds to well-being. Gives me an additional activity to focus on in the evenings and on holiday. Motivates me to do embroidery which I probably wouldn't do without the class". Claire - Embroidery - March 2021 

"These online classes provide an excellent stop-gap when physical classes are impossible or challenging during the current pandemic. Although I am fortunately able to continue glass design / manufacture from home, unlike many, it has been very engaging and uplifting to be introduced to new artists and styles in this gorgeous format, and to discuss with fellow students under the guidance of our fabulous teacher, Maria Fagan. The course was well run and informative with a very fair sense of participation by all. It has also felt good to keep up a continuity with staff, students focusing on design techniques and appreciation – especially during this time of isolation". Wendy - Exploring Stained Glass - March 2021

"It has improved my confidence in my woodworking skills and my ability to develop them just like anyone else. It has made me feel that as a woman, I am as equally welcomed and suited for this trade as men. It has improved my sense of self-worth. It has improved my mental wellbeing so that I feel happy again, capable of facing the world and being motivated. I literally could not be any more thankful for your Guitar Making course existing, I could never find words to describe the extent to which it has helped me". Marta - Guitar Making - March 2021

"The class is definitely good for my well-being. Like many people I'm struggling during the lockdown not being able to go places, to meet people, to visit my family. Pilates with Lorna is helping me to be active again". Izabela - Pilates - March 2021

"This course has been having a remarkable impact on my life in general. I have been more motivated, confident, intellectually challenged in a very positive way. I must say as well, that during the past year, because of the ongoing pandemic, this course has been a lifeline in keeping me in a much better mental health state. It is the highlight of my weeks and I am incredibly grateful". Rui - Violin Making - March - 2021

"Has provided a focus to develop new skills and knowledge. Has also provided anticipation for something to look forward to thereby increasing my wellbeing and interests. It's important to develop new skills which keeps the brain ticking"! Vivien - Watercolour and Drawing - March 2021