One-stop shop

All Ukrainian refugees can get help from the One-Stop Shop – it doesn’t matter whether you arrived via the Homes for Ukraine scheme or another route.

Polish Family Association & Commonside Trust One-Stop Shop
Telephone/WhatsApp 07946 670 436
Telephone calls will be answered Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Appointments will be booked for Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm.

They can help with:

  • information and advice in Polish and Ukrainian
  • benefits
  • getting a school place
  • registering with a doctor (GP)
  • opening a UK bank account
  • getting a job
  • Free bicycles or repair
  • Skill Up training

They can help you to find:

  • legal advice
  • immigration advice
  • English lessons

They will also run a drop-in café four days a week where they will provide mother and baby groups, art therapy, gardening as well as a range of advice on transport, employment, health and good mental health, as well as running events where you can meet potential employers.

Ukrainian Refugee Help website

Very useful website developed to support Ukrainian refugees arriving and integrating into UK life. Based on actual experience, it provides information, top tips and answers to questions on many topics such as priority tasks on arrival, benefits, work and housing.

Ukrainian Refugee Help

Guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK

This document covers what you need to know in your first few days, getting used to life in the UK including how to find a home, access essential public services, healthcare, find work and childcare and education services.

Welcome! A guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK

Useful documents