Find out about your rights and responsibilities

These websites explain tenants' and landlords' responsibilities to do repairs, and what options tenants have if the landlord doesn't meet their obligations.

Get help from the Tenants’ Champion

The Tenants’ Champion may be able to help if you're have difficulties getting repairs to your home carried out despite contacting your landlord.

Read our guidance on damp and mould

Fixing damp and mould problems in rented homes

Report it to Merton Environmental Health

If you are renting from a private landlord or from a housing association, we can investigate complaints about housing conditions such as disrepair, damp, mould, dangerous conditions or absence of hot water.

If you are experiencing problems in your rented home and your landlord is unable or unwilling to deal with these, we can inspect your home and if necessary, serve notice on your landlord requiring them to take suitable action. However, we expect tenants to inform their landlords of problems first before contacting Environmental Health.

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