The Merton Compact is a partnership agreement between local public bodies and the voluntary and community sector to improve their relationships and provide a framework within which the sectors can understand what to expect from each other.

The Merton Compact

The Merton Compact subscribes to the principles of the National Compact, setting out principles and values of the partnership and aims to achieve a Compact way of working by helping us:

  • communicate better with each other
  • understand and respect each other's views
  • work together more effectively to support the people of Merton


The Compact Board

The Compact Board reports directly to the Merton Partnership Executive Board and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Merton Compact. The Board's membership is made up of local representatives from the voluntary and community sector and public bodies including Merton Council, Merton CCG, the Police, the Fire Brigade and South Thames College.


Dispute resolution procedure

The dispute resolution procedure has been developed to help organisations through the difficulties associated with disputes and disagreements.

Merton Compact Dispute Resolution Procedure

The Merton Compact provides a framework for joint working between the public and voluntary sectors in Merton. It provides a standard against which the actions of signatory organisations can be judged and if used correctly, can help to prevent disputes from arising.

By committing to the Merton Compact, organisations are agreeing to try to solve disagreements in a constructive manner.