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We are asking young people to tell us about their experiences during Lockdown.

Over the summer we will be working with Partnership for Young London and local schools to ask children and young people about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns on their lives. We want to hear from as many children and young people as possible and are working to ensure children and young people from across Merton can take part and have their voices heard and their opinions included. Children and young people will be asked to complete an online survey or take part in special focus groups.

For us, this is a unique opportunity to understand the views, opinions and experiences of young people in Merton, as well as gain insights towards the impact of the pandemic on their lives. The results of this survey will also help us to plan and deliver services that may further assist young people in enhanced educational, employment and leisure opportunities in the borough. The results of this project will also provide schools with tailored, local data that is representative of their pupils; helping to inform further support for the children and young people in Merton. 

Take part in the survey