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Report a dangerous dog

A dog is classified as dangerous if it injures someone, or if someone is in fear of being injured. If you have concerns about a dog being dangerous in a public place, whether or not you believe it is a stray dog, you should contact the police.

Metropolitan Police website 

Report a stray dog

If the dog is not dangerous, please catch it and stop it from running away. If you can identify its owner from a collar tag or microchip, then please contact them directly. If you cannot find out who the owner is then report it to:

Noah's Ark: telephone 0333 5775070 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or 08444 996063 (at other times)

A dog is a stray if:

  • it is found in a place where it should not be, and
  • appears to be without its owner, and
  • appears not to be under the control of its owner or a person representing them.

Report a lost dog

If your dog is lost you should report it immediately to Noah's Ark. They will check their records of stray dogs seized.

Noah's Ark: telephone 0333 5775070 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or 08444 996063 (at other times)

You can also contact the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Lost Dogs and Cats Line.

  • Consider preparing a simple poster with a photograph of your dog on it and ask local vets and shops if you can display it or leaflet the local houses.
  • Consider putting an advertisement in the local newspapers.
  • Talk to and inform people, especially neighbours and other dog owners.
  • If you give out a phone number, make sure somebody can answer as it may be news of your dog.
  • Walk around the local area, and check places you normally walk your dog.

Please note posters should not be displayed on lamp columns or other highway furniture such as bollards - this is fly posting and illegal.


If we collect a stray dog and impound it, or return it to its owner, the owner must pay a charge. The minimum charge is currently £145. You will be recharged for any costs incurred, these may include:

  • vet fees
  • a pick up fee if collected by the council or its representatives
  • a reuniting fee for returning the dog
  • and any kennelling fees.

Report a stolen dog

If you think your dog has been stolen you should report it to the police and obtain a crime number.

Metropolitan Police website 

Collars and microchips

By law, your dog must be microchipped and wear a collar with the owner's name and address on it when out in public. If you break these laws you can be fined up to £5,000.