Please follow the instructions below to aid you in applying for funding offered by Merton Council.

We are committed to adhering to the principles of the Merton Compact when coordinating a funding process.

  • Read the Criteria and Priorities for the fund you are applying for (specific to each fund)
  • Read Merton's Standardised Conditions of Funding, these detail the responsibilities you will need to accept if you are granted funding by Merton Council.
  • Read Merton's Standardised Application Guidance, this gives helpful tips about how to complete all grant application forms.
  • Complete the Application Form for the fund you wish to apply for (specific to each fund)
  • Read Merton's Standardised Monitoring Form , this will need to be completed at intervals throughout the project (if funding is granted) and when the project finishes so Merton Council can assess progress against the original project aims outlined in the application.


Supporting information

The following documents and information sources are useful supporting information for organisations applying both to Merton Council and to external funding sources.


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