In order to provide therapy, massage or special treatments within The London Borough of Merton, you need to obtain a licence for your premises. The licence is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually.


Under the London Local Authorities Act 1991/2000, members of some professional bodies are exempted from needing to get this premises licence.

Exemptions list

What are special treatments?

The term 'special treatments' covers a wide variety of treatments, including massage, water treatments (such as saunas), electrical treatments, light treatments, piercings and other health and beauty treatments.

A-Z list of what is and what is not classed as a special treatment

Guidelines for making applications

People thinking of applying may wish to have a look at our Guidelines Document. We also offer the following application forms to download if required.


Fees for particular applications are as described below.

For new applications and renewals:

Type of Premises Fee
Premises Charge: Smaller premises licensed to treat up to 3 persons at the same time £323
Premises Charge: Larger premises licensed to treat between 4 and 10 persons at the same time £400
Premises treating 11 or more persons at the same time £400 plus £51 per extra person

Category One Treatment

  1. Skin Piercing: including cosmetic piercing, acupuncture, thread vein treatment, moxibustion (with skin piercing).
  2. Light Treatments: including UV (sunbeds) lasers, light therapy.
  3. Electric Treatments: including faradism, ultra high frequency, galvanism, electrolysis and electro-acupuncture.


£30 additional fee

(for all or any treatment in this category)

Category Two Treatment

Tattooing and body piercing.

£66 additional fee

(for all or any treatment in this category)


Premises Charge plus

£30 if any treatments in Category One are available and

£66 if any Category Two treatments are available.

Cheques should have the reference G00740RB71 written on the back

For changes to existing licences:

Type of Application Fee
Transfer of Licence 25% of equivalent current Premises fee - subject to a minimum of £120
Variation of Licence £66 plus additional charges based on the nature of the proposed variations
Variation to approved treatments Same as treatment charges listed above
Alteration to premises or facilities £84
Alteration to permitted hours of operation £42
Cheques should have the reference G00740RB71 written on the back


NB:  The following treatments are included in the initial cost of the licence:-

  1. Massage: including aromatherapy, reflexology, Shiatsu, acupressure, vacuum suction and moxibustion (without skin piercing).
  2. Manicure: including pedicure, chiropody.
  3. Baths: including vapour treatments involving application of steam (including saunas), salt baths, whirlpools, bleaching and waxing.

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