This page gives advice to people who have either had an accident at work or members of the public who have been injured in someone else's premises.

Personal injury claims

The Health and Safety Executive and Local Authorities such as the London Borough of Merton who enforce health and safety legislation are unable to assist or advise you about making a personal injury claim; you will need to go to a specialist solicitor.

The Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you or you could go to a local solicitor.

The role of this section in the event of an accident is as follows;

If you are an employee

Depending on the severity of the accident or the amount of time that you are off work, your employer may need to report the details to us.

If you are a member of the public injured in someone else's premises

Depending on the severity of the accident the person responsible for the premises in which the accident occurred may need to report the details to us.


All fatal accidents and a proportion of the most serious reported accidents are investigated by the Commercial Environmental Health Team. Not all accidents are investigated and we cannot conduct personal investigations on your behalf. If an investigation is required to assist you with a personal injury claim then it will fall to your legal representative to organise this.

Accident investigations are carried out to establish if health and safety laws have been followed or broken, and if any action needs to be taken to prevent similar events happening in the future.

The decision to investigate any reports made to us will be made in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive's Incident Selection Criteria Guidance (HSE website)

Actions might include giving verbal advice, sending a letter of advice, serving an official notice or prosecuting.

Enforcement policy

Enforcement policy

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