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Safer food better business

In January 2006 European Union Hygiene Regulations came into force in England. These placed a requirement on food businesses to have a written food safety management system.

If your business already has a documented system you will not need to do anything new.

If, however you do not have a documented system, help is at hand as the Food Standards Agency has prepared a pack called Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

It is completely jargon free and is very easy to understand and follow. It will also help you meet the requirements of these regulations.

The SFBB pack

The SFBB pack is made up of the following:

  • Safe methods, which follow the '4Cs' - cross contamination, cleaning, chilling and cooking, as well as management. These contain clear guidance on safe and hygienic food handling, with colour photographs showing good and bad practices
  • A diary, which includes staff training records, supplier's list and cleaning schedules, as well as sheets for you to note down anything that has gone wrong
  • A four week review to look at what went wrong and what action you took to remedy the problem

It is anticipated that once you have completed all the safe methods, the diary should take no more than a minute a day to complete. You can combine it with existing written documentation, such as temperature records, cleaning schedules, pest control etc.

There are three SFBB packs; one for caterers, one for retailers and one for childminders.

Get a SFBB pack

Full details of the SFBB packs are available on the Food Standards Agency's website.

The website also provides useful tutorials showing you how to get started with the packs.

You can also obtain the SFBB packs for either caterers or retailers, as well as the diary sheet refills from our Environmental Health Commercial Team.

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