There is a legal requirement for the Approval and Registration of feed premises that manufacture, market or use certain additives and protein products in animal feeding stuffs, and for these registers to be made publicly available. 

Full list of Registration and Approval Categories

We would recommend that prior to submitting your application you contact the Food & Safety Team outlining your business proposal so we can advise you.

Making an application to register

An application form can be downloaded at Feed Premises Registration and Approval Form.

There is no fee for Registration but you will receive an acknowledgement and registration number and will be added to the feed register. You may then legally trade. A visit to your premises will be scheduled but you may trade in the interim.

Activities requiring approval

There is a fee for establishments applying for approval for the first time, and for an amendment to an existing approval.

The provisions on approval fees for England are set out in Animal Feed (Hygiene, Sampling and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2015.

The current fee for Approval is £451, or a reduction to £226 where the business acts only as a trader without handling any feed on the premises being Approved.

It is not legal for a business that requires Approval to trade without first receiving Approval from the Local Authority. Approval of a feed business operator is conditional on a satisfactory inspection by an officer of this Authority. 

Feed Businesses which act solely as Traders without holding products on their premises may, however, be Approved without an on-site visit. In this case the trader must complete a Declaration of Compliance.

Trader Approval Declaration of Compliance

This confirms that the feed placed on the market by the business complies with the requirements of Retained EU Regulation EC183 2005. This form needs to be completed and returned to us and arrangements made for payment; please contact  or call 020 8545 3025. It is in addition to the registration form.

Public registers

A copy of the register of those premises approved and registered within the London Borough of Merton can be downloaded at

The National list of all feed premises approved in the United Kingdom can be seen at Feed Premises Register (Food Standards Agency website).

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