​Proposed footway build-out, Abbotsbury Road - Morden

Merton Council is proposing to improve the road crossing used by children in Abbotsbury Road at the junction with Blanchland Road.

The council has received concerns from members of the public, particularly parents of pupils from Abbotsbury School, over the vulnerability of the School Crossing Patrol at this point.

To address these concerns and improve the service provided by the patrol officer and improve safety, the council is proposing to construct a footway build-out on both sides of Abbotsbury Road, north of the school entrance near its junction with Blanchland Road. The construction will include tactile paving with a lowered kerb at the crossing point, and the associated flashing signs that will be installed at strategic points on Abbotsbury Road on both approaches to the crossing point. The proposal also includes red surfacing between the buildouts, to bring drivers' attention to the crossing point.

It is also proposed to convert the existing single yellow line at Abbotsbury Road and Blanchland Road junction to double yellow lines. This will improve access, sightlines and hence safety.

The intention of this proposal is to highlight the crossing point and improve safety for all road users, particularly for children.

The existing permit holder bay on the eastern side of Abbotsbury Road, north of the junction with Blanchland Road, will be reduced by a nominal amount to accommodate the proposed kerb buildout.

Please note that the proposed build-out will not affect driveways in the area.

This scheme is a 'Safer Routes to School' scheme funded by Transport for London. This road has been chosen because the school has shown a commitment to promoting sustainable modes of transport by implementing a school travel plan. In respect of this, the scheme is not proposed in response to a history of accidents, although some aspects of the proposed measures may help prevent any future incidents and will certainly improve the environment for the pupils whilst crossing the road.

How to make your views count

Before proceeding further the council would like your views on the proposal.

The decision on the implementation of the scheme will be subject to the responses received during this consultation. Please be sure to send us your comments and any suggestions you may have by 27 October 2006.

If you require further information please contact Rachel King on telephone 020 8545 3210

Note: In view of a large number of responses received during the public consultation it will not be possible to reply individually to each respondent.

What happens next?

The result of the consultation along with officers' recommendations will be reported to the Advisory Street Management Committee or the Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Management. Once a decision is made you will be informed accordingly via a newsletter. You can view the plans in Wimbledon Library or at Merton Link, Merton Civic Centre, Morden.

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