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Arthur Road improvements

​​​We intend to improve road safety by introducing a mini roundabout at the junction of Arthur Road and Home Park Road. The mini roundabout will seek to encourage lower approach speeds to the junction, which in turn will benefit all road users. It would have been desirable to introduce pedestrian refuge islands on approach to the mini roundabout, however, this is not possible due to the narrowness of the carriageway. It is anticipated that the relatively slower approach speeds to the mini roundabout will make crossing for pedestrians easier.

In order to ensure the safe working of the mini roundabout it is necessary to convert the single yellow line restrictions on the western kerbline of Home Park Road stretching into Arthur Road to double yellow line restrictions. This does not affect existing marked out parking bays in the vicinity.

Street scene improvement will also form part of the proposed work. A recent site survey identified a number of signs and posts which are considered unnecessary and others, which will become redundant as a result of the new roundabout. All redundant posts and signs will be removed as part of the Council's decluttering exercise.