Respond to this proposal

We have been successful in a bid to Transport for London (TfL) to fund accessibility improvements across the borough. The council has already introduced some soft measures in addressing safety concerns. These include improved road markings and the introduction of five speed activated signs along Rowan Road. In addition, to improve pedestrian safety, access and sightlines at the various junctions along Rowan Road, it is proposed to introduce junction entry treatments at the following junctions:

  • Sunnymead Avenue
  • Rosemead Avenue
  • Stanford Way
  • Meopham Road
  • Rowan Crescent
  • Hassocks Road

To address speed at certain locations, it is also proposed to introduce 'priority give way' systems at: 

  • 30m north west Church Walk
  • Between Rowan Crescent and Hassocks Road

To facilitate the 'priority' system, it is necessary to introduce some double yellow lines. The extent of these proposed yellow lines has been kept to a minimum.

To further improve pedestrian access and safety, the existing zebra crossing near Stanford Way will be upgraded and the road markings refreshed.

It is considered that the combination of all the measures will increase driver awareness and improve the overall safety of all road users.

What happens next

A notice of the council’s intention to introduce the proposed double yellow lines and the entry treatments will be published in the local newspaper and posted on lamp columns in the vicinity of the proposed measures.

Further information

Newsletter - safety improvements - Rowan Road