You need permission to close a road for a street party.

The following information is intended to provide you with a checklist and the necessary advice to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. 

How to apply

Please email to request permission for a street party or event.

The organiser must either complete a Special Event Agreement Form, or arrange public liability insurance as described below.

You need to apply for permission at least three weeks before the event. 

Terms and conditions

  • The organiser must either complete a special event agreement form, or arrange public liability insurance providing an indemnity of at least £5m for any one accident indemnifying the London Borough of Merton against any liability, lost, costs, expenses, claims or proceedings whatsoever arising in respect of:
    • any loss or damage to property (whether real or personal), or
    • any injury to any person, including injury resulting in death
    • in consequence of or in any way arising out of the holding of a street party, except in so far as such loss, damage or injury shall be due to the negligence of the London Borough of Merton, its employees or agents
  • A copy of the special event agreement or insurance indemnity must be sent to us for the attention of the Director of Environment and Regeneration before the event takes place. We will object to any party without the receipt of this insurance policy.
  • The Metropolitan Police and Fire Brigade must raise no objections.
  • All residents in the road must be consulted on and notified of the event.
  • Access must be allowed to any emergency vehicles or indeed anyone who needs to reach their property or someone in the road with whom they need to make contact.
  • For everyone's safety please do not block the road with anything that cannot be removed quickly, either by yourselves or the emergency services. In addition, the Fire Service has asked that if you erect bunting across the road, please ensure that this is at least 3 metres high in order to avoid appliances becoming entangled.
  • The Ambulance Service requests that you ensure that there is adult supervision at all times when using bouncy castles and any other play equipment.
  • The area of the party is confined solely to the closed section of the road and that a pathway remains for both cyclists and pedestrians, which should be delineated by the use of traffic cones.
  • Any obstructions on the highway are adequately coned off and illuminated after dark. Adequate signing and coning must be used to close the road. Please use road closure signs, available from Street Alive.
  • There is no overspill of parking into adjacent streets, nor multiple parking.
  • If your party extends into the late evening, especially beyond midnight, please be sensitive and understanding to your neighbours and keep the level of noise to a minimum. Residents in surrounding streets who may be affected by music from a disco should be notified and all music should finish at midnight.
  • The area is left in a clean and tidy condition after the event under no circumstances will bonfires, barbecues or mobile cookers be permitted within the confines of the highway.
  • Fixed tents or marquees are not permitted.
  • If you plan to have alcohol sales or music and dancing or entertainment of a similar description, please contact telephone 020 8545 3969 or email to discuss your individual circumstances, a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) will be required.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage to property or injury to any person arising in connection with the holding of the street party.