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Temporary traffic management orders

​Temporary traffic management orders (TTMOs) can be arranged when you need to stop or limit vehicles or pedestrians along a length of public highway due to planned or emergency works.

Please download the application and email to 

They may also be imposed where there is the likelihood of danger to the public (for instance if debris is falling from a building).

In general, temporary orders can continue in force for up to 18 months or until the works have been completed if that is sooner. Most commonly TTMOs are road closures arranged on behalf of utility companies, developers or the Highway Authority; however they can also take the form of temporary speed limits, parking restrictions, movement restrictions such as one way o​rders.

Temporary orders may also be used to restrict traffic and parking for a special event, such as a street party or a sporting event that happens on the road. These may continue for up to three days.

Typically, a minimum of eight weeks' notice is required to secure a TTMO. Please be aware that a failure to provide the information requested within the application form could result in delays in processing the application. We are required by law to publish notices in the local press.

Emergency notices

In the event of an emergency it is possible to apply for a TTMO (typically a road closure) for a duration of up to 5 days. Emergency notices cannot be for planned works, nor can they be processed in advance. They must only be used for works that arise suddenly and pose an immediate danger to the public, for example burst water pipes.

Your responsibilities​

We may require the posting of notices to lamp columns or other street furniture in the roads concerned and we may consult with residents and businesses in the roads affected. You will also be responsible for posting statutory notices (supplied by us) on site, both before and during the time of the TTMO. Please do not forget to remove any such notices once the order is complete, otherwise a charge will be made to remove notices once works are completed.

As the applicant you will be responsible for the signing of any temporary traffic order, for example the signing of road closure and the diversion route. Please note that when submitting plans or drawings these should be at A4 size wherever possible as these will need to be displayed on the Council's website.

The applicant must carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million per claim. In completing and returning the application form you are confirming that the applicant has the necessary Public Liability Insurance; and that they agree to meet our costs associated with the proposed traffic order, which are as follows.



14(1) Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - 0-3 Months
14(1) Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - 3-6 Months£2,331.25
14(1) Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - 6-12 Months£2,581.25
14(1) Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - 12-18 Months£2,831.25
14(2) Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - Emergency£2,081.25