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Roadworks coordination

​How we coordinate roadworks in the borough.​

Streetworks register

We are responsible for coordinating and monitoring roadworks carried out by utility companies. Information on planned roadworks is entered into the Streetworks Register, which contains information on:

  • the utility company doing the work
  • planned start and end dates
  • location of the works
  • a description of the works to be done

You can view some of the more major activities on the public highway on our Roadworks Bulletin.


LondonWorks provides information on roadworks taking place across the Capital. It can be used to find details of:

  • Current and planned roadworks 
  • How long the roadworks will last 
  • The owner of the roadworks (e.g. Thames Water)

LondonWorks allows you to identify the owner of roadworks and provides contact details if you have any questions or want to report problems such as a lack of courtesy boards.

Coordination meetings

As part of our responsibilities, we hold quarterly coordination meetings with utility companies, emergency services, highway contractors, developers and promoters to discuss major planned projects future works and events happening on the roads and pavements together with other related issues.

Monitoring of roadworks

As part of the monitoring process we inspect a percentage of the works carried out by utility companies. Inspections are done during the course of the work. If we find anything wrong, we work with the company to sort out any issues. The company can incur a fine if they don't comply. In some cases we can either make safe or complete the works, and charge the company for costs incurred. We have limited powers to charge companies for not completing their work as soon as is practicable, although they can apply for an extension of time due to unforeseen circumstances.

Courtesy boards

All works must have a visible courtesy sign that gives the contact phone number and who the contractor is working for.

Section 58 notices

New work by our contractors and now utility companies is generally protected from being dug up by utility companies for up to five years, except in emergencies or where a new connection is required.

See Substantial roadworks list (section 58 notices)

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