Major utility works

Major works list 19 December 2018

This lists current, planned and proposed major works.

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The following abbreviations are used in the tables above:

  • F/W - footway/pavement
  • C/W - carriageway/road
  • O/S - outside
  • S/O - side of
  • OPP - opposite
  • J/W - junction with
  • inc. - including

Major highway works

Proposed pavement and carriageway schemes can be viewed on the section 58 webpage.

Ashcombe Road, Wimbledon – Bridge Demolition and reconstruction

Please be aware that a road closure will be in place to carry out the demolition and rebuilding of the bridge. Works started 17th July and are expected to be completed by 1st December 2017.

Strengthening the bridge on Ashcombe Road is urgent works and part of the council's annual highway improvement programme to update our road network.

Before starting any project we always plot where the utilities are on the site, based on the data provided by the companies and plan our project timetable and minimise disruption to the public wherever possible. However as occasionally happens on roadworks projects, it's wasn't until we started excavation that the full extent of the utilities services on the bridge became clear. Unfortunately this has delayed the project.

We understand how frustrating it is for residents, particularly when they see the road closed but there's no one on site. However to give the public access to the bridge at the moment would be extremely unsafe. Be reassured that we've contacted all the utility companies and pressed upon them the urgency to start work.

We're aiming to open the bridge to pedestrians by the end of September and apologise for any inconvenience caused.