We recommend that you only submit applications online as our staff are working remotely. Some applications may be delayed, particularly where they require an inspection of a premises or site assessment to be carried out.

Licence for mobile crane on the highway

​​You must get a licence from us before placing a mobile crane on a highway.

If mobile cranes are placed on a highway without a licence, we will prosecute the crane company in our capacity as the Local Highway Authority.


A total charge of £400 will be made to consider an application for placing a mobile crane on the highway. This charge covers:

  • £150 administration, site meeting, final inspection and banking.
  • £250 deposit, which is refundable if no damage or extra inspections are required. If the application is successful a licence will be valid for one month.
  • A charge of £25 per hour will be made for every hour to be deducted from the deposit (e.g. for additional site visits)