You should submit a renewal request at least ten days before your permit expires, as it can take up to ten days to process a renewal.

It is your responsibility to renew your permit on time. We cannot guarantee to send you a reminder. If we do send you a reminder it will arrive either by post or email.

Resident address permits that are issued free of charge to housebound residents cannot be renewed online because we have to verify that the resident is still eligible for the permit.


Diesel surcharge

From 1st April 2017, permits issued to residents or businesses will be subject to a surcharge if they are issued to diesel engine vehicles. There has been no increase to the cost of residents or business permits, however, where a permit is issued to a diesel engine vehicle, the surcharge will be applied.

The surcharge is £115 from 1st April 2018 until 31st March 2019, and £150 from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020. Where permits are purchased for less than 12 months, the diesel surcharge is applied on a pro rata basis.

Residents using vehicles that are 100% electrically powered will also be eligible to apply for new permits for these types of vehicles which benefit from a £40 reduction in the normal, appropriate, annual permit price.

Your permit renewal and reminder letter will reflect the change of permit type if necessary and appropriate cost. If you do not receive a reminder letter within 2 weeks of expiry of your existing permit please contact the Parking Permits team to obtain the details needed to renew online.


If your permit is still valid, or expired in the last 4 weeks

We will send you a renewal reminder letter 3 or 4 weeks before your permit is due to expire. Please read your reminder letter carefully, as you may have to apply for a new permit.

  • If you need to make changes, such as permit duration or vehicle, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.
  • If your reminder letter tells you to renew your permit, please renew your permit online.
    You will need your PIN, which can be found on the letter that came with your original permit, or on your renewal reminder if you received one. If you do not have your PIN please phone us.


If your permit expired more than 4 weeks ago

You need to apply for a new parking permit if your permit expired more than 4 weeks ago.


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