The way you buy parking permits in Merton has changed from 14 January 2020. 


Most new permits bought on or after 14 January are now e-permits. You can use an e-permit immediately after you buy it, as it is not printed or posted to you. If you have an e-permit you don't need to display anything in your windscreen – we can tell if your vehicle has an e-permit by reading its number plate and checking it against our records. You can still buy visitor permit scratchcards. 

Faster, easier applications

You can buy most types of permits from the RingGo website, where you can easily pay for parking in Merton and across the country. Many applications will take minutes, rather than days, thanks to a new automated address checking process. 

Do it online, when it suits you

  • Access your RingGo account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Got a new vehicle or a temporary courtesy car? Update your vehicle details online and use your permit with the new vehicle straight away.
  • Receive renewal reminders by email or text message.

If you have a paper permit

Please continue to use your paper permit as normal until it expires, and display it when you park.

Applications made before 14 January 2020

If you made an application before 14 January and have not received your permit or PIN number, or been able to make payment, please contact Parking Services.