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New parking charges for 2021: visitor permits

We are introducing new emissions-based charges for visitor parking permits. The date of introduction for the new charges will be announced shortly.

To find the new charge for a resident or visitor parking permit you will need to know:

There are two parts to the charge:

  1. location and CO2 emission based charge
  2. ULEZ-based surcharge

1. Location and CO2 emissions based charge

Find the parking zone's 'tier' and 'length of enforcement' in the first table below, then look up the permit charge based on the car's CO2 emissions in the second table.

Parking zone tiers and enforcement lengths

Controlled parking zone Tier Length of enforcement
W3, W4Tier 1Long
2F, 3E, 3F, 4F, 5F, VC, VOn, VOs, VOt, W2, W5, W6, W7, P3Tier 1Medium 
P1, P2 ,P2sTier 1Short 
CW5, MP4Tier 2Long
CW, CW1, CW2, CW4, M1, M2, M3, MP1, MP2, MP3, S1, S2, S3, SW, SW1, A1, RP, RPE, RPN, RPS, H1, H2, VN, VSW, VSW2, W1, VNe, VNsTier 2Medium 
RPW, RPC, RPC1, VSW1, VQ, CH.Tier 2Short 
MTC, WB1Tier 3Long
CW3, GC, GC1, GC2, GC3, WB2, MTC1, MTC2Tier 3Medium 
MTTier 3Short 

Visitor e-permits

Zone and type of permit0 g/km (band A)1‑50 g/km (band B)51‑75 (C)76‑90 (D)91‑100 (E)101‑110 (F)111‑130 (G)131‑150 (H)151‑170 (I)171‑190 (J)191‑225 (K)226‑255 (L)Over 255 (M)
Tier 1 Full day£0£4.25£4.50£4.75£5.00£5.25£5.50£5.75£6.00£6.25£6.50£6.75£7.00
Tier 1 Half day£0£2.75£3.00£3.25£3.50£3.75£4.00£4.25£4.50£4.75£5.00£5.25£5.50
Tier 2 Full day£0£3.25£3.50£3.75£4.00£4.25£4.50£4.75£5.00£5.25£5.50£5.75£6.00
Tier 2 Half day£0£2.25£2.50£2.75£3.00£3.25£3.50£3.75£4.00£4.25£4.50£4.75£5.00
Tier 3 Full day£0£2.25£2.50£2.75£3.00£3.25£3.50£3.75£4.00£4.25£4.50£4.75£5.00
Tier 3 Half day£0£1.25£1.50£1.75£2.00£2.25£2.50£2.75£3.00£3.25£3.50£3.75£4.00

Visitor scratchcard permits

Zone and type of permitCharge
Tier 1 Full day£8.50
Tier 1 Half day£7.00
Tier 2 Full day£7.50
Tier 2 Half day£6.50
Tier 3 Full day£6.50
Tier 3 Half day£5.50

ULEZ based surcharge for visitor scratchcards and e-permits

A surcharge of £1.50 applies to:

  • petrol vehicles registered before 2006, and
  • diesel vehicles registered before 2015.

Annual visitor permits

Zone and enforcement length

Base Jan 2020 charge

Maximum resident permit charge

Proposed charge + ULEZ based surcharge £150

Tier 1 Long£400£540£690
Tier 1 Medium £370£510£660
Tier 1Short £360£500£650
Tier 2 Long £380£520£670
Tier 2 Medium £360£500£650
Tier 2 Short £320£490£640
Tier 3 Long £340£480£630
Tier 3 Medium £330£470£620
Tier 3 Short £320£460£610