Report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb

To report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb, call us on 020 8545 4661, option 3 as soon as possible. The line is open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm, and Sundays 11.45am to 4pm. 

On receipt of a complaint call from the property occupier, our civil enforcement officers (CEOs) can visit the location and issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) if any part of a parked vehicle is overhanging the flat section of your dropped kerb.  

The part of the kerb that must be kept clear is shown in red in the image below.

Diagram of dropped kerb


Register your dropped kerb for parking enforcement

If you are regularly inconvenienced by vehicles obstructing the dropped kerb outside your home, you can register your address to give our CEOs authorisation to issue a PCN during their regular patrols to any vehicle blocking your dropped kerb, without the need for you to report it to us.

Register your dropped kerb

You can register up to two vehicles which will be allowed to park across the dropped kerb. After you register, any other vehicles parked there may receive a PCN, even if they are owned by you or your visitors.

You can still call us to report a vehicle blocking your dropped kerb after you have registered, if it happens at times when our CEOs are not present.