We held a consultation about our proposals for emission-based parking charges between 10 September and 26 October 2020. We asked for the views of people who live, work, travel, drive or park in Merton.

The consultation was featured in the September 2020 edition of My Merton magazine.

Latest updates

23 September 2021

Emissions-based charging plans for parking halted

14 April 2021

Following the consultation, a report was approved by the Cabinet in January 2021. The Cabinet's decision was reviewed ('called in') for further scrutiny by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The report was subsequently passed in February 2021.

A statutory process of 'making of the traffic management order' now has to take place. This process includes informing all residents, motorists, and those who made representations during the consultation process of the council's decision and intention to implement the new Emission Based Charging Policy.

Introduction to the consultation

The following information was published to accompany the consultation. It is no longer being updated but we've left it here for reference.

We are proposing to further develop our charges for parking in Merton, based on vehicle emissions.

The principle of emission-based charging is that the less polluting your vehicle is, the less you pay, and the more polluting, the more you pay.

There are very few direct levers available to stimulate a change in driver behaviour, and we believe that the rationale for reviewing emission charging is about giving people the right nudge and taking the opportunity to make better, less damaging choices such as walking and cycling, but if that is not possible which are more environmentally vehicle friendly is used where possible.

We are not prepared to ignore our responsibilities to deliver cleaner local air at a time when the current situation has been described as a public health and climate emergency.

Our proposals

Please read our proposals, including the details of the new charges, before answering the survey.

On 23 March 2020 the Cabinet approved a report setting out the principles for emission-based charging in Merton and to undertake a formal consultation. Prior to Cabinet approval the report was scrutinised by the Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel on Tuesday 25 February 2020. The cabinet report is summarised in the proposals above. You can view the cabinet report and the scrutiny report and their appendices in full if you wish.

Have your say

The survey closed on 26 October 2020 at 11.59pm.

Consultation process and timetable

We have used My Merton magazine (September 2020 edition) to bring the proposed changes to the attention of all residents across Merton. Notices have been put up in all streets, car parks and locations where the proposed charges will have an effect.

We will also write directly to statutory bodies such as the Police, along with interested bodies such as residents' associations and business groups.

Once all comments have been received, a report will be written detailing any representations and comments made. This report will be considered by councillors and at a Scrutiny meeting before a Cabinet meeting will make a final decision in early 2021.

If approved, the proposals will not be implemented until after April 2021 at the earliest.

Official notices

We are required by law to publish official notices about the proposed changes to parking and permit charges.

We published our proposed traffic management orders to give effect to these proposals on 10 September and have put up street notices on all affected streets as part of the statutory consultation under The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Off-street parking charges notice

Off-street parking charges statement of reasons

On-street parking charges notice

On-street parking charges statement of reasons

Draft Off-street Parking Charges Order

Draft On-street Parking Charges Order

Postal address

You can send us your comments or objections by post if you prefer:

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