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Electric vehicle charging points

Charging your electric vehicle

There are 21 charging points for electric vehicles across our borough in nine locations, as part of the Source London network.

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Charging point


Do not trail cables across the pavement or footpath. It is illegal to cause an obstruction on roads, pavements and footpaths.


How to use the service

The power points are available 24 hours a day, and are compatible with all electric vehicles. They have their own retractable cables so you don't need to bring your own.

There is a free smartphone app that allows you to find nearby power points, reserve them and report faults.

You may be charged a subscription and a small hourly rate to use the charging points, with most cars being fully charged in four hours.

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Request an electric vehicle charging point

To view a plan of all electric vehicle charging points in Merton click the following link,

A view of a street plan of the charging point is available by clicking the location name below.




In development



  • Wimbledon High Street, SW19
  • Opposite 2 Barnham Road, SW20
  • 154 Corpse Hill, SW20
  • 11 Revelstoke Road, SW18
  • 38 Pepys Road, SW20
  • 8 Thurston, SW20
  • 44 Copse Hill, SW20
  • 331 Haydons Road, SW19
  • Opposite 30 Wide Way, CR4
  • Edenvale Road, CR4
  • Berkley Place, SW19
  • Farquhar Road, SW19
  • Chestnut Grove, CR4
  • Garth Road, KT4
  • Cleveland Rise, SM4

No proposed street plans are currently available.