The Merton Child,Young Person and Family Well Being Model (MWBM) 2017 supports Children’s Trust organisations/ practitioners to have a shared understanding of levels of concern about children and their families, and the appropriate response to take, in order to work in partnership to address risk and vulnerability. It represent our ‘Think Family’ approach to support; is in line with the pan London Continuum of Help and Support – 4 tiers of need; and aims to reflect the volumes of activity at each of the levels of the model (the blue tier is larger reflecting the greater proportion of children (60%—75%) whose needs can adequately be met within ‘universal service’ provisions such as schools and nurseries, children’s centres, health services, and  the voluntary and community sector).

The MWBM is underpinned by our focus on ensuring that we have strong universal services to meet the needs of the majority of children, and is supported by our approach to Early Help.

The following web page links, provide a Multi-Agency Practitioner online resource to support integrated working across all Merton’s children’s services.

Key Integrated Working Processes

Merton Common and Shared Assessment (CASA) Process

Merton Multi-Agency meetings - Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/F) meetings

Lead Coordination of support provision

Conflict Resolution and Governance

Working with Equality and Diversity

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