Working Together 2018

You may access the London Procedures here: London Child Protection Procedures

The London Child Protection Procedures derive from the current legislation and the latest edition of national statutory guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018

How safe are our children?


The fourth annual state of the nation report How Safe are our Children? takes an overview of the child protection landscape and compiles the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across each of the four nations in the UK.

Safeguarding Disabled children in England July 2016

This report describes the result of a survey of LSCB's under taken in 2015, which aimed to consider the effectiveness of local arrangements to protect disabled children and, in particular, progress in light of the Ofsted recommendations

Safeguarding Disabled children in England July 2016


New research on neglect


Realising the potential: tackling child neglect in universal services

October 2015

Neglect is the most common reason for a child to be on a child protection plan in England (Department for Education, 2015a). Research by the NSPCC indicates that one in 10 young adults (9 per cent) were severely neglected by parents or guardians during childhood (Radford et al, 2011). Child neglect can have a profound and long-lasting detrimental impact on a child’s development and can, at its worst, result in a child’s death (Brandon et al, 2013). As such, neglect is a prolific and pressing challenge for policy makers, practitioners and society as a whole.

Providing children and families with help at an early stage prevents children from suffering unnecessary harm, improves their long-term outcomes and is more cost effective than reactive services. Governments in the UK have recognised the benefits of focusing on preventative rather than reactive services and have pledged their support for this goal, but there is a need to ensure that this rhetoric is translated into practice in the current economic climate

Below is the executive summary inclusive of interesting data

Realising the potential:tackling child neglect in universal services

Practice Guide

October 2015

Supporting professionals to meet the needs of young people with learning disabilities who experience or at risk of, child sexual exploitation

Practice Guide

Safeguarding Children in Sport

August 2015

The NSPCC has published an updated guidance for professionals involved with children and young people in sport

The report covers:

  • Young people worries in sport
  • Barriers to reporting problems, and
  • The role of welfare officers

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