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A suite of Common and Shared Assessment (CASA) forms are available to download below: please refer to Additional Needs Indicators from Merton Child and Young Person Well Being Model (MWBM) for guidance where helpful. Click here to view revised MWBM 2013 'Rainbow'

Outline guidance sheets for practitioners on CASA Process, including TAC/TAF reviews, follows:

Further detailed guidance on CASA process from MWBM on-line handbook

Information leaflets for families or for young people on the CASA process follows:

Merton CASA Forms(updated July 2016)

  • Consent and Confidentiality Form (June 2015): For transparency of practice, this form should be discussed and completed with young person /family prior to undertaking CASA. A hard copy of completed form should be printed to capture signatures; a final copy should then be given to the young person or parent as appropriate, and a copy retained by practitioner for the child or young person's records.

Regarding CASA suite of forms below, please note Form 3, CASA Action Plan, should complement initial CASA and be updated for any subsequent CASA reviews, including TAC/TAF (Team Around the Child/Family) meetings.  Use extra forms where required. Form 4, the Web of Changes tool, also supports all CASA/TAC/TAF Reviews.)

Once the CASA is in process, 'consent' is revisited at each assessment/review stage. Once the family have acknowledged their consent to current CASA/TAC/TAF/Review record, that form is then also shared with all involved practitioners, with copy also to Central CASA Team for central logging purposes (reminder in box at end of the forms).

(Practitioners are reminded that text boxes within the form expand to fit your text)

(The forms have been formatted to allow you to 'tab' through direct to boxes for inputting information; should you wish to remove this facility to allow for spell-checks etc then go to Review/Restrict Editing/Stop Protection where relevant Password is then 'CASA2016')

  • CASA Form 1: Common and Shared Assessment form (CASA) (Oct 2016) This can be completed for an individual child or for the whole family. Practitioners are reminded to identify the impact on each individual child separately on this form, by prefixing relevant information with individual sibling initials, where appropriate.
  • CASA Form 2: Common and Shared Assessment (CASA) Review/TAC/TAF form (Oct 2016) This form should be used to record the details of any CASA follow up meeting or review or Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/TAF) meeting. It should also be used when closing a CASA. As above, each individual sibling information should be prefixed with their initials.
  • CASA Form 3: CASA/TAC/TAF Action Plan (Oct 2016) This is a stand-alone form which complements all CASA records through from originating CASA, any subsequent CASA Reviews or Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/F) meetings, through to CASA closure.
  • CASA Form 4: CASA Web of Changes (WoC) Graphic Tool (Jan 2015). This tool provides an easily generated visual graphic for the family showing progress throughout a CASA episode from gradings provided in initial CASA versus gradings in subsequent Reviews or TAC/TAF meetings. No Excel expertise required: All that's needed is to insert names, and then overlay existing sample set with your own initial, middle, and current set of WoC gradings.

If you do not have Microsoft Word you can view these documents using the Microsoft Word Viewer.

Merton Safeguarding Children Referral Form (updated Sept 2014)

Merton has a dedicated referral form for Safeguarding Children referrals to MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub). However, where an early help assessment such as CASA or CAF (Common Assessment Framework) work has been undertaken already by a Universal case-holding service , an updated version of this record should be used to support the referral to MASH for fuller holistic context and background.

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