Harmful Sexual Behaviour Protocol

There are some children whose behaviour towards other children and adults is sexually harmful. It is important that these incidents are managed in a way that safeguards both the child who has been harmed and the child who behaviour has been harmful.  The Merton Safeguarding Children Board has approved a multi-agency Harmful Sexual Behaviour Protocol.  The protocol aims to help those who work with children and young people to

  • Identify and assess harmful sexual behaviour
  • To understand referral and intervention pathways so that children can be safeguarded

This protocol outlines the Multi-agency approach and referral and support pathways.

Online Safety Strategy

Online safety is a term which includes not only the internet but other ways in which young people communicate using social and electronic media; including smart phones, gaming consoles, tablets and computers. It also means ensuring that children and young people are protected from harm and supported to enjoy the full benefits of new and developing technologies without risk to themselves or others.

The aim is to protect young people from the negative consequences of use of electronic media; including bullying, violent extremism, inappropriate sexualised behaviour or exploitation.

Our approach is to provide guidance and inform front line practitioners to:

  • Guide children, young people and others to the best sources of information and support and not duplicate the great range of advice and resources already available.
  • Help organisations to develop their own solutions, and incorporate the principles and priorities in this strategy into those.
  • Identify those young people potentially vulnerable.
  • Make sure that risk is assessed and managed effectively.
  • Make sure that young people understand their own risks in using online services.

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