Keith Makin was appointed Chair of the MSCB in March 2014.

Keith has a strong history in safeguarding, having been a Director of Social Services, Director of a local government improvement agency and Chief Executive of a child care company.

He chairs two other LSCBs in Southampton and Northamptonshire and will be able to bring these other experiences and his National network to Merton. Keith has been involved in service im​provements in several London Boroughs, including Haringey, Newham and Lambeth.

He chaired the Review Panel for the Tia Sharpe serious case review in Merton in 2013.

In 2014 - 15 Keith led the review of the Board's str​ucture and constitution, which has now been implemented.

In 2015 - 16 he is keen to ensure that the voice of young people is better heard by the MSCB and within Partner Agencies, along with the priorities agreed within the MSCB Business Plan.

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