Merton Child and Young Person Well Being Model (MWBM)

In parallel with the launch of  MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) in Merton from April 2013, a revised 3-band Merton Child and Young Person Well Being Model (MWBM) 2013 was re-launched in Merton. Click the links provided for more information as appropriate.

The Common and Shared Assessment (CASA) in Merton

At MWBM GREEN Level, the CASA was introduced as tool to replace the former Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for Universal Services to undertake assessments while providing Early Help support to families where needed.

Merton Enhanced services, which are led by Children's Social Care practitioners, are available for consultation-advice-guidance on these concerns: the Supporting Families Team 0-5, Vulnerable Children’s Team 5-18 and the Transforming Families Team.

The originating CASA template used for Early Help assessment at MWBM Green level now comprises 4-pages; the CASA Review is 2-pages; while the supporting  Action Plan is a two-page stand-alone sheet complementing the originating and all review forms throughout the CASA episode (including all reviews and Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/TAF) meetings) through to closure. A further CASA Web of Changes (WoC) Graphic tool is available to complement the Action Plan - providing visual representation for families of progress towards achieving improved Outcomes at suitable benchmark points through the CASA Review process.

The CASA process reflected in these forms adopts a Solution Focussed approach which, in line with Munro guidance, is used in the analysis of, and response to, all assessments for Early Help across Merton Children’s Services. This looks at what is happening in the child’s life; how this is impacting on concerns identified; what support has been tried; what’s working well or not so well; what needs to change; who will do this; and by when.

A significant difference between the use of CASA  and former CAF in Merton is that there is now a separate dedicated 2-page Safeguarding Children Referral Form for making referrals to the MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) at MWBM RED Level. This will be used when Child Protection concerns are evident from the outset.  For case-holding practitioners where a CASA is already available, however, then this CASA is used to support the referral to the MASH team. (The former CAF had a dual usage in Merton as both early assessment tool and as referral tool.)

Downloadable CASA Monitoring Reports

(includes commentary, as well as services and demographic data, on CAF and CASA implementation status in Merton)


These CASA Appendices  contain sets of Merton Demographic Ward Maps which help contextualise data provided in Merton CASA reports above, or former CAF reports below.

Previous Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Quarterly Reports 2009-2012

The reports below provide overview on CAF implementation in Merton across both geographic and service areas. Data is provided in both on-line interactive format and in downloadable report format

Interactive Ward Maps - showing comparative CAF stats in Merton per quarter per successive years

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