Originally launched in 2004 as the Merton Child and Young Person Concern Model (CCM), this multi-agency practitioner handbook was revised in 2009 following CCM Review 2008, and again in 2013 in line with restructure of Merton Children's Social Care Services. Reflecting full partnership ownership at all levels of concern, the Merton Child and Young Person Well Being Model (MWBM) 2013  consolidates and develops on the broad cross agency ownership of responsibilities already reflected through the Multi-Agency Practitioner Handbook since 2004.

MWBM Continuum of Additional Needs and Responses is represented by this diagram:MWBM Continuum of Additional Needs and Responses

A larger version of this diagram can be found on the Additional Needs Indicators page.

By providing this Multi-Agency Practitioner Handbook as on on-line resource, its content may be accessed in sections through these webpages to facilitate focus on particular areas of interest at any one time. This can be done either through the links below, or through the links at the top left of this page.

MWBM contents

Introduction - Background to Integrated Working across all Merton children's services

Key Integrated Working Processes

Merton Common and Shared Assessment (CASA) Process


Merton Multi-Agency meetings - Team Around the Child/Family (TAC/F) meetings