Are you interested in caring for a child but not sure whether fostering or adoption is right for you?

Fostering to Adopt is a new scheme which provides the opportunity for very young children who are subject to court proceedings to be placed with foster carers who are also approved for adoption.

Here’s how it works...

With Fostering to Adopt individuals and couples are recruited to act as foster carers to children whose circumstances are such that they have a high risk of being unable, safely, to be left in the care of their birth parents. These foster carers are also approved as adopters, and must be willing, in the first instance, to foster a baby/young child and to support the child’s return to the birth parent, with the possibility that – if this is not viable – the fostering arrangement will lead to adoption.

Carers selected for Fostering to Adopt will be trained and receive intensive support during and after the fostering period, regardless of the final outcome.

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