Our statistics

We strive to delivery the best possible service to our clients, and our efforts have recently been awarded with Customer Service Excellence from the Cabinet Office.

Annual newsletter questionnaire

In our annual newsletter for 2015, our questionnaire, asked you for your opinions on the quality of our services.  Newsletter Questionnaire Results 2015

Financial Assessment quality assurance questionnaire

We have recently analysed the results of our quality assurance questionnaire. This questionnaire was completed by clients visiting us in the Civic Centre, and by clients during home visits. We asked questions relating to our performance and customer service. We are always trying to improve the quality of our service, and we will use the results of the questionnaire to implement improvements to our service. Our results can by viewed as a series of charts in Microsoft Word

Financial Assessment Visiting Officers Home Visits Questionnaire

We have recently analysed the results of our home visits questionnaires. This questionnaire was completed by customers that our Finanical Assessors have visited to help the customers complete the financial assessment forms. We asked questions relating to the visiting officers performance and customer service.

FA visits 2015

Team accuracy performance

Number of financial assessments cross checked in April 14 to March 15 = 1117 assessments

  • 91% accurate

Processing customer complaints

Merton's corporate standard is to respond to complaints within 15 working days.  In April 2014 - March 2015 we received 7 official complaints, 7 of these were responded to within the corporate time frame.

Half of  the complaints received were regarding dissatisfaction over the amount of contribution required towards the cost of care.

Where possible we have implemented service improvements as a result of these complaints.

Benchmarking report summary October 14

Each year the Financial Assessment team at Merton take part in a benchmarking exercise comparing our performance with various other local authorities.  This year we were compared to 23 other local authorities around the country.  Some of the categories looked at are our value for money, efficiency, welfare benefit uptake and our charges in comparison to others for community care services.

The results are broken down into clients who use our residential services and clients who use our home care and day centre services.

Below is a short summary of the report. The average figures for all local authorities are in brackets.

Service users per ‘000 population

  • Residential: 3.0 (4.4)
  • Non-residential: 16.4 (12.7)

Performance measures

As a team, we performed very well in this category. Our turnaround times for carrying out financial assessments for new customers were among the best compared to the other authorities. We were also more cost effective in the area of welfare benefits advice and calculating financial assessment contributions.

In April 2014 - March 2015 We completed 1044 financial assessments with in 5 working days, out of a possible 1117. (on receipt of all necessary information to process a financial assessment).

Cost per Assessment

  • Cost of non-residential assessment per user: £14 (£40)
  • Cost of residential assessment per user: £40 (£87)

Welfare Benefit Uptake

The total number of Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit, Disability Living Allowance and Income Support/Income related applications was approximately 49 in 2014. Around 100% of our applications were successful, compared with an average for other local authorities of around 86%.