We aim to ensure we are providing you with the best service we possibly can. One way of ensuring this is to benchmark our performance and customer satisfaction levels against other direct payment services. We therefore asked 33 other local authorities and direct payment services to provide us with information on their services.

Here is a summary of the results:

  • Merton provides direct payments users with a better range of marketing than other organisations
  • Merton listens to customers more, through more channels, and implements changes accordingly more than other organisations.
  • Merton has room for improvement with regards to training and increasing take up.

The full report and analysis can be found below.

Annual newsletter questionnaire

As you may know, every year we send out a questionnaire with the newsletter. The survey concentrates on all general aspects of customer satisfaction within direct payments. This includes how satisfied you are with the team, how you prefer to contact us, how satisfied you are with all the information available to you, including the website, and about the newsletter specifically. Comments and suggestions provided in the surveys returned have enabled us to measure customer satisfaction and identify where improvements can be made.

Below you can find the full analysis of the questionnaire results for 2014

Questionnaire analysis 2015

Mystery shopping

As it is important to us that our staff treat customers fairly and with respect, we have carried out a mystery shopping exercise. Mystery phone calls have been made to members of the team to ensure we are dealing with customers effectively. Staff were measured on their knowledge of the service, as well as how well they dealt with the customer.

A summary of this exercise can be found below.

Mystery shopping outcome 2014

Mystery shopping outcome 2013

Six Week call back

Once new Direct Payments customers have been receiving direct payments for 6 weeks, members of the team carry out a courtesy call. This is to ensure the process is running smoothly, and enables us to carry out any follow up action should anything have been misunderstood. It also allows us to check our processes, and make sure you are satisfied with the service we deliver to you.

Please click below to view the analysis and examples of action we have taken in 2014

2015 6 week call stats

Three-month reviews

All new Direct Payment customers are sent a satisfaction questionnaire three months after they have started to receive Direct Payments. The purpose of this is to assess whether customers are satisfied with the service they have received, and if any developments can be made. These surveys will be reviewed quarterly, with the results being published here and in the direct payments newsletter.

Below are the results of the questionnaires received.

2015 3 month questionnaire

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