Consultation on Proposed Savings 2016-17

What we are consulting on

The consultation period ran from the 23 October until 7 December 2015 and included a survey, public meetings and meetings with key client groups.

This consultation is about how, and from where, we aim to achieve the 2016/17 proposed savings of £5.06 million. £857,000 has already been agreed and the detail of how we propose to save the remaining £4.2m can be seen in our consultation document below.

We are now analysing what you told us about the proposed savings. The results of the consultation will be made available on our website as well as being considered by Councillors.

Once we have considered the consultation responses we will produce revised savings proposals. These will be reviewed by our Overview and Scrutiny function during January 2016. Cabinet will make its final decisions on 15 February 2016 and the decision of Cabinet is then subject to the agreement of Full Council on 2 Mar 2016.

More information about our council meetings including dates, agendas and reports are available on our website.


Like all local councils Merton is facing an unprecedented financial challenge. Grant funding to councils was cut by 40% during the last Parliament and this trend will continue during the current Parliament. In addition to these reduced resources, demographic and legal changes have led to an increase in the need for our services whilst price inflation has seen an increase in the cost of delivering our services.

All Merton Council services have been tasked with reducing spending through a combination of finding efficiencies, reducing costs or reducing service provision. The challenge for Adult Social Care has been to reduce overall spending from £58,194,000 in 2011/12 to £55,678,000 in 2015/16. Allowing for inflation and growth in demand for services has meant we have had to make savings of £18,650,000.

Adult Social Care has identified how to save £9.328m between 2016-17 and 2018-19. In 2016-2017, savings of £5.06 million have been proposed. This represents 9% of the net expenditure budget for Adult Social Care in 2015- 2016.

What are the savings proposed

The details of the savings we have proposed are set out in our consultation document:

We have also produced an easy read version of the proposals so it will be easier to understand:

Consultation on savings for 2015-2016: results

Adult Social Care consultation was conducted from 10th December 2014 to 2nd February 2015 and the results are shown in the attached report to cabinet and supporting Annexes: