Business waste

Please see Government advice for businesses dealing with hazardous waste

Waste from your home

Paint, asbestos and chemicals

You can take paint tins to the Garth Road recycling centre if the paint is dry.

The free City of London hazardous waste collection service can take a limited amount of asbestos, liquid paint, petrol, diesel or chemicals. The City of London provides this service on our behalf. 

You can take up to six bags or sheets of asbestos to the Garth Road recycling centre. Before you go to the centre:

  • call 07342 073100 to make sure that there is enough space in the container 
  • wet, double-wrap and secure the asbestos with tape.

Household batteries

Find a battery recycling point (RecycleNow website)

Car batteries, car oil, electrical appliances, gas bottles, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

You can take these to the Garth Road recycling centre.


You will need to arrange for a private contractor to dispose of these.