Climate change requires everyone to work together to make adjustments to their daily activities and ways of working in order to secure a better future for all. We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in Merton and have a range of actions to monitor, record, and reduce our environmental impact in order to help tackle it.

New evidence from the IPCC and Committee on Climate Change has shown that we need to act more quickly to reduce the damaging impacts of climate change.

The main causes of our emissions of greenhouse gases in Merton are gas and electricity used in Merton's buildings, and petrol and diesel transport.


What you can do

There are many actions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Merton's residents, businesses and services can make a positive impact through what they buy, such as reducing the amount of meat in their diet, accessing local fruit (Abundance website) and how they travel outside of borough (such as finding alternatives to air travel).

You can get advice on your personal carbon footprint on sites such as the WWF's carbon footprint calculator.

For more local information on these, or to volunteer, visit the Sustainable Merton website.

You could use Kagoo's Carbon Emissions Calculator to better understand the carbon emissions associated with the use of electrical appliances in your home or business. Kagoo have also prepared 101 Powerful Tips on how to save Electricity at Home.



Reduce your energy consumption by making your home or business more energy efficient. To find out how, watch Retrofit Works' 3 minute video.

See whether you are eligible for a free advice or low cost loan with the London Mayor's endorsed schemes RE:FIT and RE:NEW.

Find out whether your home suitable for efficient electric heating such as a heat pump at the Renewable Energy Hub.

You may be eligible for payments through the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive whose aim it is to increase low carbon heat in the UK.



Switch your power supply to a 100% green tariff or green energy supplier. It may not cost you more than a standard tariff. Go to sites such as Simple Energy Advice website for information on the best green energy tariffs.

Take part in the London Mayor's Solar Together Scheme by registering for high quality low-cost solar panels before 21 October.

You could get paid for any low-carbon electricity you export to the grid, with the National Government's Smart Export Guarantee.

If you are interested in community energy please consider applying to the London Mayor's Community Energy Fund.



For short journeys, try leaving your car at home. Walking and cycling improve health and reduce your impact on climate change. To find or improve Merton's cycling routes go to Merton's cycling page.

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. Electric cars do not produce air pollution and have a much lower impact on climate. To find an existing electric vehicle charging point or request one in your area go to the Power My Street website.