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The focus of the project is the triangle of land between London Road, Abbotsbury Road and Aberconway Road. 

What’s in it for your business 

The research will be about understanding how processes currently work and how they can be improved. Our outcomes are dependent on what we find, although we aim to identify: 

  • Cost savings for SMEs through increase recycling and waste segregation. 
  • Opportunities for SMEs to save energy. 
  • Business carbon emissions reductions from improvements to resource efficiency, so you’re doing your bit to address climate change. 
  • Better organised waste management.
  • Improved cleanliness in your yard space. Great for yourself and residential properties who back onto the yard.

As an introductory welcome to the project, you will be invited to a business breakfast event at the civic centre (end of February) and you will also be compensated for your time with a gift voucher at the end of the project, in June 2023. 

What we would need from you 

Engagement with local SMEs is a key part of the project. Researchers from UCL, Community Activators from The Wheel and the Council want to understand the challenges that SMEs experience in relation to waste management and possible ways to help improve their waste management practices. 

  1. We will be contacting you in person to complete a 10-minute survey about your energy and waste billing. This data will be anonymised and treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection Act (2018). 
  2.  We are looking for businesses to become part of a focus group to feed into and feed back on the project. 
  • We ask for your participation in 15 minute ‘Highstreets Focus Group’ meetings every two weeks (February to June), so that we can ensure the best possible outcomes for SMEs through the project. 
  • To be named in publicity and communications about the project. This is so we can accurately share and disseminate findings of the project across London, for others to benefit from. 

How to sign up 

We will be flexible to the times and locations you can meet to make allowances for childcare, and the needs of your business, so please communicate with us as to whether you have any preferences for meeting. 

If you are an SME within our study area who is interested in participating, please email future.merton@merton.gov.uk , putting NZIP SME in the subject line. 

About the Net Zero Innovation Programme 

We are one of 12 local authorities across the country to secure funding from the Net Zero Innovation Programme (NZIP). It is a Local Government Association initiative, which brings together councils, universities and other stakeholders to address climate and sustainability challenges at the local level.