Our adopted Climate Change Strategy and action plan (2014-2017) sets out how we, the council, and the wider borough can take action on climate change.

The strategy builds on the previous Climate Change Strategy (2009-2012) by outlining outlining our aspirations for meeting the principles of the council's strategic objectives and providing a framework for an ongoing programme of action to tackle climate change in Merton

The update strategy includes a series of actions across the following themes:

  • Energy (both in the council and across the borough)
  • Planning and development
  • Sustainable resources
  • Natural environment and greenspace
  • Greening Business

The Climate Change Strategy and action plan 2014-2017 is currently in draft form pending the recommendations of the council's Scrutiny Review of Climate Change and the Green Deal. Councillors will be advising Cabinet of their findings in summer 2014 and the finalised Climate Change Strategy will be released subject to approval from Cabinet and adoption by the Council.


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