When you buy a television license it allows you to operate any equipment to receive a transmission. It is not a guarantee of a television reception, let alone a perfect picture.

There is no legal requirement for councils to remove trees or even prune them for the benefit of a television reception. We do however have a duty to protect trees and maintain them appropriately for future generations to enjoy.

Poor satellite signal

The responsibility for receiving a satellite television signal is with the company that erects the satellite dish. The company should erect their equipment in a location that receives a clear signal.

Poor digital aerial signal

If you are experiencing reception problems such as picture break-up or freezing, clicking sounds, no sound or no reception at all, or find that the interactive services (red button) isn't working and channels are missing check the following:

  • Is it only your TV that's affected? If so the problem is likely to be your TV, digital box, aerial or cable. If other TV's in your neighbourhood are affected it's more likely to be caused by work to your local transmitter or possibly the weather.
  • There may be a glitch in the software, so try restarting your digital box or TV.
  • Check your TV. Are all the leads to the aerial, digital box and DVD player properly connected?

Any of these problems however could be down to a weak signal. Your aerial may need upgrading or it may be pointing (even slightly) in the wrong direction.

To get the best possible signal you need a good external aerial and good quality cabling and connectors. If your only option is an internal portable aerial go for a good quality one and try to keep it up high and close to a window pointing towards your local Digital TV transmitter.

Occasionally unusual atmospheric conditions (high air pressure) or high winds and heavy rain may cause picture break-up or even complete loss of reception. There is nothing you can do about this other than wait for the weather to change.

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