Each year many people wish to sponsor new trees in Merton. We are very happy to receive this help in our efforts to make the borough greener.

You can ask for a tree in your local park, your child's school or your housing estate. Certain venues are particularly popular, among them Cannizaro Park, Morden Park and South Park Gardens. It is also possible to sponsor work to improve woodlands.

You will be asked to contribute to the cost for the tree.

We apply the following basic guidelines when considering requests.

  1. The Greenspaces Team (Arboricultural Section) decides the appropriate species and locations in line with council tree policies. The potential sponsor is therefore given options regarding site and species with maps showing the proposed planting locations.
  2. The trees planted are of varying cost. Contributions to our planting costs may therefore also vary, depending on species, size and difficulties of sourcing. If a sponsor’s suggestion is considered particularly appropriate, we may decide not to ask for the full cost but reserve the right to do so.
  3. We will make every effort to ensure that a sponsored tree survives and in most circumstances will replace in the case of failure. However, we also reserve the right to refuse to replace failed or vandalised trees where is appears that the replacement is likely to suffer the same fate.
  4. Traditional plaques
    Most of the plantings are of a commemorative nature, and we know that sponsors would often like to fit a memorial plaque. We regret that we can only do this in exceptional circumstances at our discretion.

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