The borough contains a rich heritage of buildings, which possess historical or architectural interest. While the most important ones are included on a separate nationally compiled or 'Statutory List', there are many others which may also be said to contribute to the local scene, or which are valued for their local historical associations.

Merton Council has prepared guidance on developing locally listed buildings. This is available in PDF format below, split into five chapters

Local listed buildings in Merton

Chapter 1 includes

  • Why the council has prepared a Local List
  • National Planning Guidance

Chapter 2 includes

  • Criteria used to identify Local List Buildings in Merton
  • Architectural Style
  • Age and History
  • Detailing
  • Group Value
  • Building Materials
  • Subsequent Alterations

Chapter 3 includes

  • Unitary Development Plan Policies
  • Re-using Local List Buildings
  • Example of a Development Scheme Affecting a Local List Building

Chapter 4 includes

  • Examples of Local Listed Buildings in Merton

Chapter 5 includes

  • The Local List - conservation areas in Merton

To obtain this document free of charge and for details of the Local List of Buildings, please contact Urban Design and Conservation.

If you have any suggestions for buildings or structures in the borough that may be suitable for local listing, please contact the Future Merton team below.

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