The Neighbourhood Fund is available for projects that Merton Council and communities have decided would address their priorities for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy spending.


Bidding round spring 2019

Merton's Neighbourhood Fund was open for bidding from Wednesday 20 March 2019 to Tuesday 7 May 2019 and is now closed

Submissions were considered over May and June 2019 and recommended allocations considered by Merton's Cabinet on 15 July 2019.

For the decision including the list of projects, please refer to item 12 on the (15 July 2019 Cabinet) meeting's webpage including the report and decision.

Following the decision of Cabinet preparations for financial arrangements and any grant confirmations have commenced so that funds can be made available for implementation of the supported projects from September 2019.

Future bidding rounds

We are aiming to seek new bids on an annual basis subject to sufficient funding being available from CIL receipts. This page will be updated with dates for the next bidding round as income accumulates.



We will only approve bids for actual projects submitted with the prior approval from the body or service that would deliver the projects.

Members of the public will need to contact their Merton ward councillor who can get in contact with the delivery service to take their ideas forward, as appropriate. If a council service cannot deliver the project, then the council cannot take these forward and submit a bid for funding.

We will only approve funding for bids that:

  • have the support of the organisation that the bidder represents,
  • have the approval of all parties with a legal interest in the land or asset that is the subject of the bid, and
  • do not conflict with statutory, regulatory or policy requirements of the council or other relevant regulatory bodies.

We are unlikely to support bids that:

  • only support community features or assets unaffected by development and which would have little or no benefit to development,
  • would only support private interests, or
  • have little or no public benefit.



Bids will be assessed against the following criteria.

  1. Spending Neighbourhood CIL must accord with the CIL Regulations and government guidance on CIL.
  2. The proposal should demonstrate how it helps to deliver Merton's Community Plan, including objectives such as bridging the gap, a healthy and fulfilling life, improving community safety and contributing to the community.
  3. The proposal must be an appropriate use of use of the funds and should not have any unacceptable financial implications (either capital or ongoing revenue funding) on the council or any other body.
  4. Estimated cost of the proposal should aim to be over £20,000.
  5. The proposal should be deliverable and capable of being started within the year ahead.
  6. Proposals should have endorsement by at least one Merton ward councillor.
  7. Proposals should clearly demonstrate how it meets neighbourhood priorities. We will be looking for projects that clearly fall within one or more of the priorities favoured by the neighbourhood where the proposal would be located (or neighbourhood that would benefit most from the proposal) as demonstrated by the results of the Neighbourhood CIL public consultation (Nov 2016-Jan 2017).

Each bid will be assessed by considering how it performs against the above criteria overall, with the assessment recorded and used inform the prioritisation process. To demonstrate compliance with criterion A, bids must clearly address the demands that development (such as new homes, shops and offices) place on the borough and the public it represents.


Contact us

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Previous bidding rounds

For information about previous bidding rounds see, Spending the CIL