We maintain high health and safety standards when buildings are being built or altered. We make sure buildings are accessible to everybody and designed to conserve energy.

Our charter

  • check all Full Plan applications and Building Notice submissions and tell you if the plans do not comply with building regulations
  • inspect building work in the borough
  • give you information about upcoming inspections
  • give you the name and phone number of the surveyor dealing with your project
  • keep records of building work in the borough
  • investigate your concerns about safety at sports grounds and let you know the outcome
  • provide information about the history of alterations to your building if you are selling your property
  • deal sympathetically with applications made after work has been completed if it meets building regulation standards
  • provide surveyors at the Civic Centre between 9am and 10.30am, Monday to Friday, to talk to you about building regulations
  • make a decision on all Full Plan applications within  five-week or two months if we have agreed an extension

What you need to do

  • give us as much evidence as possible that shows you met the minimum standards of building regulations
  • give us as much notice as you can about when you need inspections
  • contact our surveyors before you build over any important part of the construction
  • make sure you use ladders, scaffolding and lighting in a way that provides safe access to the construction work
  • tell us about any building work you have carried out without telling us
  • let us know before 10am if you are going to miss, or be late for, an appointment
  • contact us before 10am if you want us to carry out inspections that day
  • allow some time before your appointment for a surveyor to finish inspecting your site
  • make sure you have the approvals and completion certificates for work done before you sell your property