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Visiting Wimbledon

Fun things to do in and around Wimbledon.

Video features: Deen City Farm, Wimbledon Town Centre, Wimbledon Village Stables, Wimbledon Park, New Wimbledon Theatre, Buddhapadipa Temple.


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Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm has been here about 30 years. We’ve got a whole array of activities people can participate in, most of which people need to book in advance. So we’ve got things like holiday programmes, own a pony days and young farmer’s days that children can participate in. We’ve got an exceedingly active volunteer programme that caters for all sorts of ages and abilities including working alongside people with special needs and learning difficulties. We have a whole array of livestock, cows, sheep, pigs lots of poultry for people to see and to learn about.

Wimbledon town centre

Well, Wimbledon is a great town. It’s a lovely destination to shop, to spend time, doing the retail, doing restaurants, doing leisure. In Wimbledon we are really fortunate we’ve got two cinemas. One is the Odeon that’s got an IMAX, which I believe is only one of two of those in the country with twelve screens. We also have HMV and their new Curzon cinema. Wimbledon’s a wonderful shopping area has got a mixture of both indoor and outdoor shops. So in the Centre Court Shopping Centre you find most of the brand names that you’ll be familiar with. Then outside we have a large department store as well as a lot of independents and other brand names. So Wimbledon’s really a great destination to both, shop, enjoy yourself, and spend time. Lots to do, lots to see, great venue to base yourself for both the Olympics and the All England [tennis club]. We’ve got excellent transport connections both through train, tram, bus, rail, and the road network.

Wimbledon Village Stables

At Wimbledon Village Stables we offer hacking over Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park. For those who want to learn to ride we have beginner’s lessons. We usually give private lessons for complete beginners, or what we find we get a lot of is just people who want to improve their riding, so our group lessons are very popular with experienced riders. We have little tiny children who come and ride out from the age of 5 upwards. We’re just situated in the heart of a really beautiful village behind a pub amongst a lot of other shops, cafes, restaurants so it’s just an ideal location and yet only eight miles from central London.

Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park was designed by Capability Brown in the 1760s. All of the land around here belonged to the Earl Spencer. The park itself has got an awful lot of activities going on. It's obviously got a water sports centre where you can learn to sail, kayak, powerboat, windsurf. There are also opportunities for land-based activities, as well with football fields we have got 20 tennis courts, which are always in use always around the Wimbledon championships. We have two very popular courses, the multi-water sports course where they do all sorts of tasters of different things, raft building, bell boating, single kayaking little bit of sailing. There’s also the sailing course which teaches people right from absolute beginners right through to the way through the Royal Yachting Association.

New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre opened its doors on Boxing Day of 1910. Originally it was known as Wimbledon Theatre. It was built by an impresario called JB Mullholland who designed and built many West End theatres, but he felt that Wimbledon really deserved its own flagship theatre as well. So it stood very proudly on Wimbledon’s Broadway ever since. It’s called a receiving house so we get up to 45 different productions every single year of plays, ballets, musicals and an annual pantomime as well. We're only 15 minutes away from London Waterloo, fantastic transport links tram tube and buses as well. Our audiences are really important to us so we make sure we always keep ourselves in tip-top condition, that we’ve got the right facilities the right shows and that kind of thing. I think people choose Wimbledon because we have so many different productions playing each week, so where very varied so if your not a opera fan one week it won’t suit you but there maybe something the following week that will appeal to you. Wimbledon’s special for very many reasons obviously it's historically well known for its tennis which throughout the summer international eyes focus on Wimbledon which is fantastic, but it’s not just about those two weeks in July. The town itself has got so much history, so many leisure opportunities and a rather nice theatre obviously that we are standing in now.

Buddhapadipa Temple

The temple is the heart of the Thai community in the UK. It’s a spiritual place where all the Thai people come to practise meditation and Buddhism, to meet other friends. It’s like a big family here. The temple is open to everybody - anyone can come here before 6.00pm Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday it’s OK to stay here till 9.00pm. Buddhist people or non-Buddhist people can come to the temple to learn with us and to practise with us. Every day we are open to the public. Especially at the weekend lots of people come to visit us. If people would like to know about the Buddhist way of life, they can come to learn with us and visit us.